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Bly's Theory of Blogging

My friend, Noreen Kelly, pointed me to Bly's Theory of Blogging:

I am obsessed with not wasting time and being as productive as I can.

After all, my income is directly linked to my ability to produce quality work at a rapid rate.

This November will mark the 3-year anniversary of the launch of this blog, and the experience has led me to Bly’s Theory of Blogging and Personal Productivity, which states:

“Personal productivity is inversely proportional to time spent blogging.”

He then goes on to say that spending more than 10 minutes a day is "way too much time reading and writing on blogs."

I have heard variations on this one before.  It is true that blogging (and reading) takes time.  And sometimes I spend what seems like a lot of time doing those things.  If I were to measure everything by the yardstick of productivity-as-making-money, then I could be spending more time elsewhere. 

However, blogging and similar pursuits are not about productivity in that sense.  There are a wide variety of reasons that I invest myself in this sphere.  I'm sure you can come up with your own list, but here are a quick few from my perspective:

  • Keep up with news in my business area.
  • Participate in conversations related to my business.
  • Put me out into the world to demonstrate my expertise.
  • Explore news avenues of thinking in topics related to my work.
  • Keep up with news from and about my clients.
  • Keep up with news from my friends and colleagues.
  • Keep up with general news and developments in my varied interests.
  • Oh, and it is fun!

I can't even write a post like this in ten minutes.

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