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The KM jobs are out there

I'm still hunting for a better fit for my skills and interests.  Ideally, this ends up with a client or in a consultancy, where I can employ my love of knowledge management.  Along with lots of networking, I have been hunting the job boards.  This evening, there are well over 4,000 jobs with that match the quoted phrase "knowledge management" at LinkedIn jobs' search of the web (SimplyHired).  For some odd reason, limiting the search to the Chicago area fails, even though I see Chicago-based jobs in the listings.

But, in browsing through the listings, there are plenty of KM-related positions.  I see a lot that are connected to librarianship and information science.  There are, of course, many that have to do with implementing and/or managing some technology or another.  There are a boatload at various Washington D.C.-based defense or security contractors.  Here are some highlights:

There are tons more...  It's not a lost cause.

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