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Storytelling stories

Bill Ives is putting on a series of posts about his perspective on storytelling and its relation to knowledge management. And I don't even have to remind you that Steve Denning is blogging his new book. Portals and KM

Many people have written about the role of stories in knowledge management including Steve Denning and David Snowden. Here are some updated thoughts first offered in the earlier days of KM. A previous version of this post appeared in an article in December 1998 issue of Knowledge Management which I co-authored with Michael Reilly and Trisha Matarazzo. This six part serial updates this work with stuff that has occurred since it first appeared and supplies links. After discussing the power of stories in the next segment, it concludes with four major uses of stories for organizations. This serial follows the positive reaction to the history of KM serial.

There is no effective personality

Tools that morph with me